Juice Fast: Day 1

I made the mistake of listening to my wife about a week ago.  Usually this act ends up with me either working on a project, or considering some kind of amazing act.  This time, it ended up with me watching a new-ish documentary called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”.  Aparently the girl at the health food store we go to highly reccomended it. 

 We ended up watching it on Hulu Prime.  After 20 minutes, she turned over to her “shades” book, and I walked the iPad out into the living room to finish watching.  It was amazing and disturbing at the same time.  What it also is is motivating.

 So now, I’ve borrowed my sister’s Jack LaLanne juicer, bought a refrigerator full of vegetables, scoured the internet, and headed out on my journey.  Just in case, I spend the past week ‘trying out’ green juices…about 1 a day.

So, today I woke up, and juiced a Mean Green (Kale, Cucumber,Green apple, Lemon, Ginger and Celery).  It was refreshing and delishious.  I felt the health flowing right into my very soul!  Ok, exagerating is my style.  It tasted just fine.  

I rolled out to the gym, and ran Week 2, Day 1 of my couch to 5k program (see the pattern?  I like “programs”).  Then off to my deserted room at school (I’m a teacher…it’s summer) to do some work while finishing off another 16oz of Mean Green.

Tonight, some friends of our invited us out to dinner.  Now, luckilly, I’m a stubborn fool, so going to dinner on the first night of my fast wasn’t a problem.  HOWEVER!  We went to a wonderful Italian restaurant where I ordered a frosted glass into which I poured my juice from home.  Then to the local ice cream parlor.  Then to the candy store.  It was as if they were doing it on purpose.  The good news is that I DID IT!  I stayed true to my goal.

I finished off the day with a fourth juice (a carrot-heavy melange).  In total, about a gallon of fresh juice, and a gallon of pure water.  By the time I was ready to go to bed, however, I started to feel really icky.  I’d read the blogs, though.  I knew it was coming.  My wife handed me a glass of water, turned on the fan, and tucked me into bed.  

 Goodnight, Day 1.


5 thoughts on “Juice Fast: Day 1

      • It was great! It has been over seven months and I have kept the weight off … and have been eating a totally vegan diet … no animal products of any kind and no oil too! I am gong to do another juice fast (starting today actually) … I just love the way I feel when juicing 🙂

  1. Hi fellow juicer! I also watched that documentary on the weekend, and I’m on Day 1 of my fast. Just had Mean Green for lunch. Hope I can make it to Day 30!!

    Thanks for the blog – very motivational 🙂

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