Juice Fast: Day 2

Day two under my belt.  Well…kind of still above and around, and overflowing a bit my belt.

 I woke up bright and early and felt MUCH better than last night.  I walked bleary-eyed into the kitchen and started prepping for the day.  After yesterday, I wanted something new, so I googled some recipies.  Here’s what I found:


1 Ruby Red Grapefruit

1 Orange

1 Bunch of Kale

3 Celery Ribs

1 Granny Smith Apple

It was delishious!  I would only use this for a morning juice because of it’s higher fruit content, but it’s a good one to know.  

While I was sipping my concoction I realized something about my body.  While sleeping, my intestines stop.  Once I wake up and start drinking, they turn on.  Well…they REALLY turned on.  If this is what is meant by a cleanse, then consider me spotless.  About an hour later I had a colon clean enough to eat off of!  Oh well, nothing out of what they say is normal.

I forged on like a general.  I made up a big batch of my Mean Green, enough for Lunch, Dinner and a snack.

After my ‘cleansing’ subsided, I threw the kids in the car and headed to the park.  The two older ones rode their bikes while I pushed the wee-one in the stroller.  20 minutes…check.

After my third Mean Green today, I wanted something new.  I blogged around for a while, and then combined things that souned good.  I came up with what I’m dubbing The Confused Vampire.  It’s a mixture of Beet, Garlic, Ginger Orange, Apple, Parsley and Lemon.  It’s wicked-strong, wicked-good for you, and wicked tasty! 

Follow the link for a picture and a recipe: The Confused Vampire 

I have felt ok today.  Now, at almost 8:30, I’m starting to feel like it’s bed time.  Who knew that this juice fast would also regulate my sleep?  Haven’t read that one anywhere.

Oh, and best yet?  I’m 2lbs lighter this morning.  (I already considered my morning’s mishap…I’ve replaced all that water fo sho’!)


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