Watermelon Crisp: Look mom, no veggies!

The kids have been very curious about my eating from the new contraption on the counter. Once or twice, they’ve been curious enough to take a very cautious taste of the verdant concoction that spills from the spout. Well, this afternoon I thought I would assuage their fears of what comes out of the juicer, and develop a drink for them.

Watermelon Crisp20120708-133136.jpg

1/2 a thumb sized piece of ginger
Two sprigs of mint (and more for garnish)
1 peeled lemon
1/2 a basketball sized watermelon

I fed them through the juicer in this order. The resulting liquid was about two quarts of some very delicious, pulp-free juice. And according to Eliza, it was awesome! I added some ice and some mint to garnish and the kids went to town!

Watermelon juice is a perfect choice for the whole family on a hot summer’s day.  Not only is watermelon loaded with vitamin A and C, but is a concentrated form of the powerful carotenoid, Lycopene, which has been shown to help the body rid itself of the ill effects of cholesterol and other oxidizing compounds.  And don’t forget all that vitamin B to help the kids keep running around…and us running after them, for that matter!


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