Juice Fast: Day 4 – Back to the grind

Today was my first day back in reality. I was sad that I couldn’t ride my bike to the university like I have been doing, but I’ll correct that tomorrow.

The class I’m taking is about 5 hours a day in a room with about 30 other teachers. It’s as good as can be expected when cramming a year long course of study into 12 days.

I made my breakfast juice (Mean Green), and also packed a beet concoction for lunch along with another Kanteen of water.  I was happy that gastro-wise, everything has calmed down…no problems sitting in class  🙂

Well..there was ONE problem sitting in class.  One of the things our class does is bring snacks to share.  Basically, the whole time I was there I had to stare at this delicious table of some of my favorites.  But did I partake?  Nope!  I just sipped my beet juice and reveled in my newfound will.

On the way home, I stopped by CVS and bought a handy little gadget.  The Orabrush is a tongue scraper/brush.  I found that using a normal toothbrush made me gag one too many times (read: twice).  It does the trick!  I also got some new Listerine.  Seems to be taking care of the fuzzy tongue / breath issue.

This evening, we went to the gym and worked out.  I finished my Week 2 Day 2 of my Couch Potato to 5k running app.  Man, did I feel great doing this!  I even upped my game.  I was on a treadmill, so I selected a random hill mode, and also increased my speeds to 3.5 Walk, 6 Run.  Pretty proud of that.  During my run, though, I noticed my mouth felt oily.  Yuck.  More detox effects.

Lastly, I jumped in the sauna and sweat out until I was as red as the beets I’ve been eating.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll post about the tools that are making my journey easier.  Until then, Laters.


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