Juice Fast Day 6: Almost 1/2 way there!


Today was great!  This morning I woke up early and made Cream of Wheat, one of my favorites.  I sweetened it a little with some honey a beekeeper-friend gave me as a gift.  I diced up some delicious peaches on top, then sprinkled it all with some yummy cinnamon.  Then…then…

Then I called the kids in and fed them their breakfast while I drank my Mean Green.

The point is, I really didn’t have a problem being around, and preparing food…even healthy food that I wouldn’t have a problem eating.  I really feel the mental clarity starting to join hands with the willpower and keep me on track.  This juice fast has been really eye opening to a lot of things.  I feel my willpower against food taking control growing.  I also have a hightened sense of how food works in our culture.  Of course, the weight-loss and health benefits are great too.  The only adverse affect, which was to be expected, is a small canker sore under my tongue.  I keep gargling Listerine, and know it will go away.

Things were pretty normal today.  I spent most of it at a quiet desk in my 6th grade classroom writing almost 21 pages for the university class I’m taking.  I was able to push on and on and on without burning my mentals out.  I feel simply better.

On my way home, I stopped off at CVS and checked my blood pressure.  It’s never been terribly high, but about a month ago it was creeping up well into the Borderline category.  Today, it was 109/69.  Highly respectable, if you ask me.  So happy I even took a picture of it. Thought it would make a nice change from pictures of celery and stuff.

This afternoon, Wifey and I loaded the kids up and went to the gym.  That’s when it really ramped up.  My Couch to 5K app that I’ve been following really kicked my booty tonight.  I typically do the program every other day with sometimes a weekend in between.  Today was Week 3, Day 1 and more than that, it was the day that I transferred much longer bouts of running.  Tonight’s pattern was 4 minutes of warm-up then 90 sec. walking to 90 sec jogging then 3 min of walking and 3 min of jogging, rinse and repeat then a 4 minute cool-down.  I tell you, those last 20 seconds of running during the 3 minute segments was trying.  BUT I DID IT.  I actually am really beginning to enjoy running again (which is one of my big goals).  I use to run 7 miles a day, and it was truly addicting.  I am working toward that again.

After my run, Wifey and I did a Yoga class.  Now, two years ago, while I was a stay at home dad, I did Yoga every day M-F for a long time…most of a year.  I LOVED doing it.  It gives you such mental clarity, as well as a good stretch and work-out.  It’s amazing how hard one can strength train doing Yoga if you work-it.

After our hour class I felt like a cloud drifting over an ocean of dew on a breeze of rose scented cotton-candy.  Ok, maybe that’s a bit much, but I felt freakin’ relaxed and terrific.  Better than I’ve felt in a very long time.

To top my day off, I decided to take a luxurious bath.  I know, baths are ‘girly’, but SUCK IT MACHISMO!  I went out to the garden and picked a huge bunch of mint and rosemary.  I added the peels of a lemon and a lime, about 2 TBS of Olive Oil and put it in the blender with about 2 cups of water.  I poured it all in my paint strainer bag which left me with a pitcher of minty/lemony/rosemery’ water and a “tea bag”.  I added it all to a really hot bath with about 2 cups of Epsom Salt and soaked until it was just about cold.  WOW.  What a treat. It smelled really refreshing, and all those things carry wonderful botanical oils.  The Epsom Salt draws impurities out of the skin among other things.  The olive oil gave me a sleek sheen, which after toweling off left me with a soft, moist complexion.  I highly…I say…I say…Highly recommend it.

Now, I’m catching up on my Bob the Builder while Wee One toddles around.  Then, I’m off to bed.  I’m sure to sleep well tonight.


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