Juice Fast Day 7: The End of the Beginning

Today is Half-Way’s Eve.  Tomorrow is the day where I have less to go than I’ve been fasting; 8 days under the belt, 7 days ahead.  Totally do-able.

Today was … interesting.  Class ran 4 hours longer than we thought it would, which sounds totally crazy, but we all know it’s a possibility from day to day.  When you’re cramming a year’s course of study into 12 days, some of which are “independent work” days, you’ve got to be flexible.  What it meant for me, thought, is that I was completely unprepared.  I took my normal Kanteen along for lunch, which I drank at about 11:30.  By the time we I stepped out in the sun, I could really feel the effects of being calorie deficient.  I was thinking a little fuddled, but mainly I just “knew” what my body needed.

So, when you’re in the middle of a for-the-most-part closed university campus at 4:15pm on a Thursday in the Summer, where the hell do you get freshly juiced vegetables?  JAMBA JUICE!

I knew that they at LEAST had fresh orange juice and wheat grass.  It wasn’t ideal, but it was available.  I walked the few blocks to downtown, and lo and behold, they have carrot, orange and wheat grass on their menu.

I told them all about what I was doing, and the over-running class period.  They totally hooked me up.  I got a 16 oz Carrot and Orange and a 1 0z Wheat Grass Shot.  Usually the Carrot/Orange is 50/50, but I asked if they could modify that.  They did it about 3/4 carrots, and 1/4 orange.  They also made almost twice as much which they gladly gave me for free.  They were so intrigued with the juice fast, and didn’t want me to have to break because I couldn’t get what I needed.  When it came time for the Wheat Grass, a double-shot ended up on my plate.  Such nice guys.  And, thinking about it, what cost them so little in materials increased the loyalty of me as a very good customer.

They were so nice, in fact, that while we were chatting I figured out that they went to the university.  Their department chair is a former teacher of mine.  As a tip I told them a really funny story about him that he’d told me years ago.  I guess he’s gotten very stodgy in the time being, because they had a hard time picturing him playing drunk water-polo with the President of the University!

After that, I had to walk about 25 minutes to my sister’s house to pick up the car.  I noticed something phenomenal.  For the past few days it has been really hot, and I’d been brewing up a hypothesis.  I noticed that as I walked I felt the heat, and the effects of the heat.  It was 104F mind you, and I was walking mostly in direct sunlight.  I felt the heat radiate on my skin.  I felt the sweat beading up on my forehead and running down my face.  But, and this is a big but; I wasn’t bugged by it!

For people who know me well, they know that I DESPISE hot weather.  I complain about it.  I bitch and moan about it.  I normally would have sat at Jamba Juice until someone gave me a ride.  But, today I was actually pretty happy walking.  Sure it was hot, but it wasn’t miserable like it use to be.


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