Deliciously Creamy Almond Milk

As my readers know, Phase 3 of our “get healthy” plan goes into effect in two weeks; that’s when we are changing over to a Paleo lifestyle as a whole family.  I ought to write a whole post on that!  If I do, you’ll know it because there will be a link there…if not, then I didn’t!

Well, part of Paleo is giving up dairy.  What I’ve read online and in my Paleo books, etc, Almond and Coconut seem to be the go-to milk substitutes, so I thought I’d start making some now to check it out.  Almonds are grown here locally…probably about the largest almond growing capital of the world is my back yard here in the Northern Sacramento Valley of California, so I chatted up a local almond farmer at the Farmer’s Market about almond milk.  Her advice was to purchase raw, non-pasteurized  nonpareil almonds; that they would yield the mildest milk flavor.

Last night, I soaked them in water like beans.  This morning, I made some wicked-delicious almond milk. It was simple and delicious!  Here’s the recipe I used.  It made 1/2 cup more than one quart.

Homemade Almond Milk

8 oz Raw, Non-pasteurized Almonds

3 cups water (blogs say “purified”, I say whatever you’ve got)

SOAK IN A BOWL OVERNIGHT.  This effectively sprouts the almond, making more of it’s nutrient bases bio-available for us, and helping yield more milk.

In the morning, or whenever after 10 hours, I drained and rinsed the almonds, and tossed them in the blender.   I use a Blendtec, but a Vitamix would be equally wonderful.  Probably, any blender would do, you just wouldn’t extract as much.

To the blender, add water to over the almonds by about 1/4 inch.  Blend until smooth.  I hit it on high for two cycles.  My Vitamix cookbook says two minutes.

Add the rest of the water, and pulse to mix.  Now you have a choice to make.  You can either drink it just like this, or you can do one more step to have a thinner, finer consistency: strain it.  I use a paint straining bag I purchased from OSH.  They were so cheap!  1.49 for two gallon sized bags.  I’ve used one for the past few weeks, and it’s still holding up great.

Once you’ve strained the milk, put it in an airtight container.  I like using canning jars.  It made a full quart, plus a half a cup to drink then.  Now I just have to find a good thing to do with the leftover almond pulp.  I did toss some in our kids’ oatmeal, and they still don’t know!  Ha Ha.  The joys of devious-parenting.


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