Juice Fast Day 9: Great Day Had By All.

Today was fantastic!  After waking up and drinking my new morning edition, a protein supplement containing 20g of whey, we went with our neighbor downtown to the famer’s market.  We are so blessed to live where we do.  There are multiple farmer’s markets during the week, but Saturday morning is by far the best!  I picked up a giant head of cabbage, some beets, and some lovely Dino Kale for my juicing.  We also stopped by an organic almond farmer and chatted up the prospects of making Almond Milk, part of Phase 3 starting two weeks from now.

After the market, my wife went to her Zumba class and I tossed the kids in the car and headed out to my sister’s house.  On the way, I stopped by a wonderful whole-food friendly cafe called Grilla Bites hoping they made fresh juice for lunch; I was totally right.  I ordered two out of shear gluttony!  First, I got their Ginger Zinger, which was a beety-carroty-gingery kind of deal.  It was delicious!  I also got their Jungle Juice…which I forget what was in it but I know it was tropical fruity.

I spent most of the morning puttering around the house with my sister while the kids all played out back.  Her family is going Paleo starting on Monday, so we were talking all about getting ready, and what foods we would miss, and what we would “hang on” for support.  She even taught me how to cook spaghetti squash.

At 2, a babysitter came over to watch the kids while my sister went out.  My wife and I decided that our eldest needed some time alone with the parents.  We let him choose whatever he wanted to do!  We ended up going on about an hour-long bike ride.  It was the first time since the birth of our daughter 5 years ago that my wife had been out riding.  We had a blast!  We even stopped by the vacant lot where the good jumps are.

Then, we decided to go to the theater to see BRAVE.  What a cute film.  Such beautiful animation.  After, we picked up the other kids, and headed home for the night.

The Pro Question:

So, today was the second day of adding protein in to the mix.  I didn’t have the headaches like I did yesterday evening, but I still didn’t feel back to “juice-normal”.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes.


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