Juice Fast Day 10 & 11: 48 hours crammed in to a day

Things are still going really well.  I’ve successfully implemented the protein supplements.  I started putting it in my almond milk with a little cinnamon and nutmeg.  Very delicious.

Biologically, everything seems to be feeling well.  I have a good energy level which lasts all day long.  Last night I got my run in at 11 pm and it was really good.  Tonight, I ran after a marathon-study event lasting almost 10 hours, and it was great.

Another good piece of news is that I weighed last night, and have successfully lost almost 12 pounds.

And, I’m boring even myself with this post.  I typed for 9 hours today, then my car broke.  Good night.  Here are some pictures I planned on describing, but…read them visually.  Truth in Blogging.


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