Juice Fast Day 14: I ate an egg, and I liked it.

The day is upon us!  Today was the end of my juice fast.  For those not following my blog, for the past 14 days, I have been on a fresh-juice only diet.  Every day I’ve made my juice with a Jack LaLanne juicer.  I tried to stick to 60% dark, leafy green vegetables and 40% fruits and other vegetables.  It was fantastic.  I feel full of more energy (and, considering I haven’t had caffeine in 14 days, that’s great), I also lost over 12 pounds.  Look back and read up if you didn’t.

So, how did I break my fast?  Last night I was making some scrambled eggs for the kids.  Just eggs from the backyard and some Himalayan Pink Salt scrambled, and fried in olive oil.  Funny story, they ended up eating 5 eggs each, which is over twice what they usually do, which tells me they might be growing again…time to buy pants.

Important background:  during my juice fast I haven’t had a single craving since the third day.  Often, in fact, the idea of eating was off-putting.  Well, as I stood there cooking eggs, I had a really serious want to eat one.  I almost did just then, but I didn’t.

I was thinking about it this morning.  I thought maybe it was my body telling me it was just time.  So, during lunch Wee-One wanted eggs again.  I got the urge again, so I ate two.  They were so delicious.  Home-grown eggs, a perfect end of a juice fast, and entrance to healthy living.

Later in the evening, my wife wanted to go out to dinner, so we went to “T. Bar” and had a delicious salad bowl.  Mixed baby greens, shredded carrot, cucumber, sprouts, and avocado drizzled with a miso-ginger dressing.  On top of that, some lovely grilled salmon.  It’s got to be one of the loveliest, and best choices in town.

So, from here on out, I won’t be blogging about my juice fast.  This Fatty’s Gone Rogue will be a place where I post interesting topics about my continued journey toward better health.  That was the whole point of juice fasting…it wasn’t just weight loss.  I feel like the fast gave me a clean break from the past way that I ate.  Now, I consciously make choices that cut out preservatives, dyes, sugars, and “unnatural foods”.

Next week is all about surviving a week-long training with the faculty of my school in Santa Cruz.  To do this, I’ve made a plan to stick to.  I’ve got a healthy lunch-buffet each day, and outside of that I’m taking liquid protein meal supplements that my surgeon has advised me on (Bariatric Advantage and Unjury).  When I return, the whole family is joining the paleo food revolution.  I’ll post more about that later, but if you’re interested, check out this great blog by Sarah Fragoso, a local Chico girl who really has a handle on Paleo for families.  I’ve read her book, and HIGHLY recommend it.

Until then, eat-well.


One thought on “Juice Fast Day 14: I ate an egg, and I liked it.

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