Zombie Running #1: Intro and Week 1


Well, you know what really motivates people? Fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of unhealthy living, and of course, FEAR OF BEING EATEN BY ZOMBIES!!!!! Oh, you don’t think so? Try the new toy I found tonight.

Zombies, Run! (https://www.zombiesrungame.com/) is a recently released running app game. It’s fantastic! You strap on your running shoes, plug in your headphones, and embark on a thrilling run as RUNNER 5, a fictional character based in Abel Township, one of the few strongholds left after the zombie apocalypse. The app immerses you in this story as you take part as one of the runners sent to collect supplies in zombie territory. In between each song of my iTunes playlist it interjects messages from headquarters updating you on zombie activity and mission objectives.

I tried it out tonight. Actually, I tried out the ZOMBIES, RUN! 5k trainer, a beginners version of the game. I only did the introduction, a 30-ish minute romp through a downed helicopter and racing against a small zombie army to get to Abel. It was a wonderful experience that had my heart racing, my legs pumping, and my brain scanning all the dark corners of the recesses of my brain. It didn’t help that I went running at night, and it was slightly foggy which seriously aided in the ruse played by the app developers and my sick-o imagination.

At one point I was really in to it! I was running from a zombie who was hot on my heels. Base sent out two armed men to guide me in. Just as the zom was nipping at my heels in the story the street lights (in real life) betrayed me. They cast TWO of my shadows, one right behind the other. I actually gaped and jumped for a second. It was exhilarating.

I can’t wait to go further this running app. Now..I also need to remove Justin Bieber from my playlist…just isn’t scary enough to maintain the ruse.

UPDATE:  I successfully completed week one, and it was really fun!  The workout was 10 minutes walking followed by running intervals of 15 sec of running and 1 minute walking.  Did this a number of times, then 10 minutes of free running (run or walk at your own pace).  This workout was completed three times to constitute week 1.

I’ve done these Couch to 5k training programs before…blogged about them too.  This is so far the best one.  There’s something very easy about it, yet I’m tired at the end of the run.  I really like the 10 minutes of Free Running at the end where I get to challenge myself, and run every last bit of energy out of me before stretching.

The storyline is quite amusing!  I find myself wanting to run just to get more of the story.  I can only imagine what it is like in the full Zombies, Run! app, where the true story takes place.  This 5K trainer takes place between the Intro and Mission 1 in the full version.



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