Zombie Running #2: Week 2

Aiden and I joined forces against the Zombies today.

Aiden and I joined forces against the Zombies today.

Week two of my new Zombies, Run 5k training program is down the hatch, and I’m loving it!  This week the workout has bumped up from :15 sec runs, to :30 sec runs followed by some heel-lifts.  I find that the incremental nature of this program is just enough to make the first day a definite stretch, but the third day you are ready for more!

So, not only have I been running with this app every other day, but on the off-days, I’ve been going for about an hour long walk while listening to an audiobook.  Right now it’s Fellowship of the Rings…totally nerding out.

Today was extra special, though.  My 9 year old son, Aiden asked if he could accompany me on my run.  Running is about the BEST idea for this wiry kid, so I let him tag along.  Now, in honesty, I’m a terribly distracted runner.  If my shoelace comes undone, my waist-tie isn’t tight enough, my iPod arm band slips…any number of things…it bugs me, and I get really distracted from my task at hand.  I wasn’t certain how it would go with an exuberant 9 year old tagging at my heels, but for his sake, I was willing to try…selfless as I am.  It was amazing.

photo 1Aiden has a wonderful ability to do all things physical.  He ran along side me, in front of me, behind me, up on the grassy hill, around me, over the fire hydrant…boinggggg!….and just about everywhere.  He didn’t have headphones on, so I relayed the Zombies, Run! storyline to him.  He ate it up!  He was hiding in bushes, peering around corners making sure it was safe for me to keep running, and carried weapons just in case.  Gotta love the ability for kids to get totally immersed in their imagination…we could learn a thing or two.

I asked if it bothered him that he didn’t have music or headphones.  Nope, he replied…”this way I can listen for Zombies.”

photo 5photo 4photo 2


6 thoughts on “Zombie Running #2: Week 2

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  2. Just thought I’d let you know I stumbled on your blog yesterday and you inspired me to download the Run Zombies app. Thanks to you I’m actually…. gulp…. looking forward to running tomorrow so I can give it a try!

  3. I stumbled upon your blog as I was looking for information on the “heel lifts” because I start Week 2 Day 1 tomorrow. I adored this post about your son’s imagination and how he helped you keep a look out for zombies! I am going to follow along your blog as I complete each week to hear about the app from another person’s experience. Thank you for your posts!

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