Undo the Fondue: a remedy for the day after


Saturday from MyFitnessPal

How do you have a better day, when the previous one brought you 150% of your daily caloric intake, a.k.a. you pigged out? Yesterday was awesome, truly a great day. I woke up on time, played with the kids, did chores, went running, took a nap, and ate on target. And then we went to our friends house for a New Years Eve Redo party.

My family is very blessed to have a friend-base that is full of really good people who at incredibly fun to hang out with. So, what do you do when there is a fridge-full of goodies leftover from the amazing New Years Party? Well, you call in the recruits and do it again! But, as we all know that one sign of a good party is that you eat loads of high calorie foods…which I did. It was bread and fondue and pizza and hot wings and…well, you get the picture.

So…what about today? I use to be the type to beat myself up after falling off, and being run over the wagon. Not anymore, and you shouldn’t be either. It’s not healthy. Here’s what I did, and I feel pretty good.

20130106-131247.jpg#1. Shave

First thing I do after waking late from my fondue coma is to take a hot shower, and have a good shave. Not just a quick once-over using conditioner, but a good one with soothing textures and scents. One that takes time.

My lovely sister bought me a sample kit from The Art Of Shaving. After holding a hot towel on my beard, it starts with rubbing soothing oil over your stubble, followed by lathering up with a luxurious boar-bristle brush like grandpa had. Then, shave off the rough parts. The final phase after the shower is a nice after-shave…sandalwood scented. Sandalwood is about the most manly smell that still resides within the realm of pleasant smells.

Ladies, shave accordingly.

But why? A nice shave to me is time alone taking care of my pampering needs. It’s a way of saying “sure, you wreaked hell upon your body last night, but today is a new day”.

#2. Protein Drink

Today I made it completely easy on me. Open box from Costco. Pull foil tab. Drink 30g whey protein. I a big fan of the Premier Protein that you can find there. It’s chocolatey-delicious, and it sticks to your ribs like a bowl of oatmeal with the pro-equivalent of six eggs. 160 calories? Can’t hardly beat that.

It’s important to get protein in your body early. It’s reeling for the carbopocolypse waged against it last night, and needs all the firepower it can get. Protein will help stabilize your blood sugar, and get that body burning again.

20130106-133158.jpg#3. Get dressed in some fancy clothes that make you feel good

I remember a teacher told me a long time ago, if you want to act a certain way, dress that way. If you lounge around in sweatpants and undershirt all day, you won’t get much done…other than find your picture on People of Walmart.

After my shave and protein, I dressed in a nice pair of navy slacks, buttoned up a new shirt, pulled on a swanky sweater and tied my new favorite orange bow tie. I looked good. I felt good. I was dressed and ready to move on.

#5. Plan your workout

I remember being told a story about plowing in Early America. I was told that while furrowing with a horse, you pick out a tree on the edge of the field, and plow toward it. This helps keep the furrows straight, and the farmer from getting off course. It’s just the same for us weight-losers. If we keep our heads down and wallow in our…well…fondue, we miss the target on the end of our field.

Plan your workout. Today, I’m testing out a new app, and will do the first day. Gorilla Workout Lite. Ever heard of it? At about 2 pm I’ll be doing 4 sets of: 8 lunges, 4 squats, and 10 push-ups.

#6. Get over it. You over ate. It’s not the first time, and it won’t be the last. Imagine if you had a little turbulence on the flight during an amazing month-long trip to Thailand. You wouldn’t look at the whole trip as a failure, would you? Me neither.


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