Zombie Running Week 5: The Fading Signs

I’m finally past the half way point, and if I were water I’d consider myself brackish.  I’ve past the point where running has become a habit again, and am grateful for that; yet I’m not into the “running-junkie” phase.  I remember a few years ago when I was a very avid runner, and the feeling of euphoria would seep through my pours.


Right now the feeling is more of gradually approaching triumph.  A good feeling, but not like it use to be.

I took a good run the other day.  Holy cow, it’s actually a week ago tomorrow.  It’s been THAT kind of week.  So, my run.

I woke up feeling great on a Saturday morning.  As my faithful know, I’m usually an evening / night runner because of my schedule.  With three kids, one squeezes in run-time when they can.  But today I was blessed with a blissfully silent house, and left it at about 6:30 am.

I decided to run toward the airport…a sort of goal of mine.  It use to be one of my favorite runs because it’s kind of outside of town.  You get to run along an open field, which turns into airfield.  It’s nice open space, on a commuter bike trail separate from the road.  It was one of my first markers back the first time I became a runner.  Round trip from my house to the airport and back is just short of 4 miles.

So, off I went with Sam and Maxine in my ears prattling on about this and that (I’m LOVING the Zombies, Run! app!), and I break away from the last stoplight, and head out toward the airport.  It was a 5 min walk, followed by 5 min of free-running.

As I came out of my free-run, it came time for some intervals of :30 walking, 1:00 running, and 6 heel-lifts.  This interval was repeated about 8 times or so.  Wouldn’t you know it, though!  The very first run-interval began at the bottom of the uphill part!  Ugh.  Uphill is like the Bumpass Hounds of running.  Then, something interesting happened.  Other than an observing that it was uphill, I didn’t seem to care.  The old me would certainly have told itself “you’ve done a great job already…you can take it easy with the uphill parts…you’re not ready for them, anyhow”.  But, the old me forged on.  It was the first time that my good old Stop signals kicked in, but I recognized that it wasn’t as strong as it use to be.

Isn't it wonderful when we begin seeing those negative feelings fade away which ask us, in our own voice, to stop?

Isn’t it wonderful when we begin seeing those negative feelings fade away which ask us, in our own voice, to stop?

It got me thinking that this liminal stage I’m in, the place between learned-response and enjoyment, is pretty amazing.  It shows me just how far I’ve come.  I ran uphill loving it, and kind of laughing at how hard it was; and it was barely even uphill.

After reaching the top, and the airport, I turned around into two 10 min free runs with 5 min of stretching between them.  It wasn’t until I hit the stoplight again where I’d began that I realized I’d run the whole way.  What I had considered to be a goal I’d have to reach for, was in fact attained.

I guess that’s a pretty place to run…where we realize that our “stop signals” are turning into “go signals”.

So?  Have you experienced what I’m going through?  Or, am I completely crazy?  I’d love to hear your reactions.


4 thoughts on “Zombie Running Week 5: The Fading Signs

  1. Thats how I feel about yoga after ll these years. Im hoping that my eating habits will turn into “go signals” -its been 3 weeks so far.

  2. I can’t wait til running becomes less like torture — especially going uphill. Way to forge on and reach your goals! It’s great following your adventure (especially knowing I’m a couple weeks behind on your same Zombie story). Keep the updates coming!

  3. We are on the same week of Zombies Run! 5K training! I’m using the app to train for my first 5K and I love it! I will definitely pay the money for the Zombies Run! app when I’m finished with the training app. I look forward to your updates!

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