And Now, a Little Hygiene


Today it came!  Why is it that a little package in the mail brings such excitement to even this calloused 37 year old man?

Today my first monthly package from “Dollar Shave Club” came.  This is a really intriguing company.  Basically for $1, $6, or $9 you get fresh razors shipped monthly to your door.  Simple, I know, but ridiculously awesome, too.

Now, I’ll disclose.  I am a Beardy. I wear a full, but manicured beard, and have fairly constantly for the past few years.  Why would I want a razor-club?  Because I like my beard well trimmed.  Moral of the story?  Shaving sucks, but when you have a nice clean sharp razor, it’s bearable.

ImageTonight I shaved with my razor from Dollar Shave Club, and it was really great.  The handle was really ergonomically crafted, with thick rubberized pads for a good wet-grip.  The blades (I bought the $6 / mo variety) slid smoothly across my skin.  Now, about two hours later, there still isn’t any redness, irritation or rashy-grossness.  They’re great!ImageImage

And, let’s face it.  I spend less than $6 a month in razors, so basically this is costing me more money.  BUT LETS FACE IT!  I should have been buying MANY more razors, and not shaving dull.  DUH!  I basically bought myself some good hygiene.

You should, too.  Take a look here.  Also, if you sign up, I get a free $5.00 credit.  BONUS!  I would have told you about this anyhow.


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