Apple-Spirulina juice


So…this morning I made a really delicious, important self discovery. I intended to blog about it differently than this, but won’t be able to.

Fact: Spirulina powder is gross. It smells musty and tastes like…well, it’s pond-scum.

Fact: Spirulina powder is ridiculously healthy to consume.

I’ve tried to find ways of taking it. I’ve mixed it with honey which made the ick only coat my mouth. I’ve tried capsules, but there were too many! I’ve tried. Nothing works.

Fact: 4 green apples makes about 16 oz of morning goodness.

Fact: it completely covers up the icky ness of spirulina. HUZZAH FOR APPLE!!!!!

Enjoy accordingly.

By the way, I intended to take a nice picture if my juice blended with the deep emerald of spirulina, but it was so tasty, I chugged it. NINJA!!!!


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