It’s time to Arise and Shine! Week 1

ImageHello again, friends.  I am so excited about what’s happening!  For the past week and a half I’ve been following the ARISE AND SHINE 28 day cleanse.  It’s awesome.  Not only am I cleansing my body internally, but I’m also using it to help teach my seventh grade students about health and nutrition.

It all began while I was traveling in India leading some professional development for Waldorf Teachers.  My travel companion and colleague told me all about a book that I really needed to read.  When I got home, she loaned me her copy of Cleanse and Purify Thyself 1.5.  I really enjoyed it!  It was refreshing to read material from the cleansing world that was researched and cited in it’s writing.  It contained a lot of the information I had picked up around the web over the years, but did a great job of articulating it together in synergistic ways.  I highly recommend reading it.

That led to me learning that the company offered a cleanse product.  I was super intrigued and went for it.

I began by eating vegan for one week before starting the program.  As you know, I eat pretty healthy foods to begin with, but I really wanted to “prime the pump.”  That helped ensure that my body was alkaline enough to begin really cleansing.  It is also important to know that on Thursday of this week, I grabbed an emergency flight across the country and sat at the bedside of my best friend in the terminal stages of his cancer.  I took food with me, and snacked on dried fruits and raw spirulina chips.  I was so honored to be able to be at his side, holding his hand and serving him nearly until the end.  He passed, surrounded by family, a day after I flew home.

On a personal note, I am extremely proud of myself for sticking to the plan, and not breaking on my eating program.

On Sunday, after returning from Georgia, I began the cleanse.  For 28 days I would follow the program as outlined in their information.

To begin with, I took my pH two ways.  First, a urine test and second, a lemon juice saliva test.  Both were well within the bounds of acceptable pH to begin the cleanse.  I was able to skip the first stage, and go right into the “gentle” week.

My day is as follows:

5:15 I wake up

6:30 Shake.  This consists of Bentonite and Psyllium Husk.  It’s not yummy.  You have to drink it quickly, or it thickens up.  Even more not yummy.  I find that my morning shake is the difficult one.  Having had Gastric Bypass surgery, my stomach is tiny.  In the morning, it’s always adverse to large amounts.  I really have to wake up about an hour early and be “awake” before I can take that shake.  The rest of the day it’s not a problem.

8:00 Herbs.  The herb set consists of two products, Herbal Nutrition and Chomper.  I take four of each at each time.

9:30 Shake

11:00 Herbs

12:30 Lunch.  For lunch I usually bring a salad.  I found a great tip on Pinterest!  I put the dressing in a mason jar, then big veggies (tomatoes, cuts of cucumber, etc).  Then on top of those, the lettuce and/or sprouts.  This way, they aren’t marinating in the dressing all day long.  When lunch comes around, I shake it up, pour it in a bowl, and eat!  Crispy salad.

2:00 Herbs

3:30 Shake

5:00 Herbs

6:30 Dinner.  Once again, vegetables.  There is a nice list of “approved” things to eat.  Quinoa and Millet are a once-a-week allowance.  I had some last night with mushrooms and tomatoes…delish!  Otherwise, it’s your standard CLEAN VEGAN kind of eating.

8:00 Herbs

9:00 FloraGrow.  This is a probiotic supplied by the company.  I take two.

Other than that, I drink three fresh juices per day made mostly of vegetables.  I stay away from salt and pepper, and some other things.


So far, I don’t necessarily feel any different than before.  The powerful weeks are 3 and 4.  I have noticed that my bowls have become nice and regular (for more info, see the Brown Report at the bottom).  I am definitely not hungry during the day, and enjoy my meals at their spaced times.

I also want to add that I had some questions for the company.  They were EXTREMELY helpful in answering them!  So far all my interactions with Arise and Shine have been exemplary; I highly recommend them.


BROWN REPORT:  So many people doing cleanses are curious about the poop.  Well, if you’re interested, keep reading; it’s important information.  If not, Goodbye and Thank you!



So far, everything has been great.  No loose stools, as is often associated with cleansing.  The material comes out soft yet formed about 1.5 hours after the shake or meal.  You can see the effects of the psyllium husk, as there is a ropy texture to the stool. The good news is: no cramping, no diarrhea.  I did feel very bloated one evening, but this went away with a hot bath.



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