How to fit Meat Loaf into a Cleanse.


Asparagus. Sweet potato. Spirulina. Bentonite and Psyllium Husk shakes. These are the fodder of modern cleansing regimes; these have been my staples over the past two weeks, and I haven’t strayed from the theme once!

Tonight is one of those nights where my dear wife works late, and I’m in charge of the three barbarians until bedtime. Apparently, that is my lynchpin.

But, barbarians won’t go to sleep hungry. I defrosted the meatloaf my wife had prepared, formed them into patties and plopped them on the Foreman Grill for the kids. A little ketchup, some cottage cheese with fresh blueberries, and…why not, some chocolate chips. Eat up, munchkins!

For dinner I made myself the most luxurious Red Curry soup. First, I grilled a gigantic portobello mushroom and some zucchini. In a sauce pan, I sautéed yellow onion, garlic and ginger. I added red curry paste and tossed in asparagus and French green beans. I poured in some luscious coconut milk, a little fish sauce and let it simmer until I poured it over my grilled veg. The house smelled like a Thai restaurant. I was excited to sit down, watch a flick with the kids, and enjoy my masterpiece.

Wee-est One didn’t want to eat by himself, so I sat down and fed him. Mmmm, that meat loaf looked good; my wife is a wonderful cook! I refrained. Maybe just a taste. Ok… Yup, delicious, but I spit it out. Phew.

Time to clear up plates. Kids happily watching Pokèmon, doing a little clearing up, and POOF! I’m standing at the counter eating the remnants of meat loaf and cottage cheese off their plates. Oops.

Well, I did it. It’ll set me back a bit, but can’t do anything about that now. Live and learn. Also, if you are lucky to have a spouse or support person, don’t underestimate how powerful they are in your success!

Time to watch some Pokèmon! Try again tomorrow. All in all, a few bites out of bounds after two and a half SOLID weeks is still awesome. I’m awesome.


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