It’s here! My first foray into dehydrating with the Excalibur

I’ve wanted an Excalibur dehydrator for as long as I’ve contemplated healthy living, and today it came in the blessed FedEx truck! Within minutes I was rummaging around the kitchen for things to desiccate into deliciousness!

Here are my experiments!

Tahini Green Bean Snappers!

I made a slurry of olive oil, garlic, salt to taste, and tahini. I massaged these over raw green beans, and tossed them in the top three racks. Timer set to 8 hours, on 125.

Rosemary’s Sweet Potato Crisps

I whipped up a vinaigrette of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and some rosemary from the yard. After thin slicing two sweet potatoes on the mandolin, and rolling them around in the delicious bath, I set them in the next four trays.

Spirulnanna Drops

One very ripe banana. Two teaspoons of spirulina, a tablespoon if lemon juice, about two tablespoons of sesame seeds, and a small handful if smoked almonds. I whizzed it all up in my bullet, and dropped it out in coins on a tray with a paraflexx liner.

Kale Force!

I had some leftover braised Kale with onions. I also had one lonely tray left. We’ll see how this one goes. I love jake chips, but have never had or heard if using cooked kale

I would REALLY love some recipes. I’m looking for kid-friendly snacks, and a good veggie wrap.

For awesome information, visit:



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