28 Day Cleanse report in the middle (Arise and Shine weeks 2-3)

Ok, friends.  I’ve been doing it.  Today is my entrance into the final stage of my Arise and Shine 28-Day Cleanse.  Let me tell you, it’s been a trip!  If you haven’t yet, jump back and read about week 1.

These two weeks have been like a new love: exciting and new, and just trying to figure it all out!  The first week was hard because I was getting settled in, the second week was a repeat of the first, but went like smooth sailing.

Now let’s discuss week three.  The difference was that I replaced dinner with another shake.  So, let’s start there.  The cleansing shake sounds crisp and clean, but it’s dirty.  My students (seventh graders…gotta love them) began commenting “Mr. Carr…that looks like dirt.” Well, that’s because it is.  The shake is made with bentonite clay and psyllium.  It is not pleasant, but not unbearable.  There are a few tricks I’ve learned after three weeks of these, multiple times a day.  First, make it with cool water.  I accidentally made it one evening with warm water from the tap.  The psyllium thickens up quickly, but in warm water it thickened almost instantly.  I really had to power down that one!  That leads us to the next tip:  drink quickly!  The kids love watching me chug my shake.  They even get defensive if someone tries to interrupt me while drinking because they’ve seen me “power through” the last drops of a thickened shake.  Final tip, I was told to ALWAYS space out your shake with at least 45 minutes of not eating on either side.  This makes sense after looking into the properties of the clay.  It basically is a giant sponge, and soaks up anything it’s near.  If what it’s near is a lovely fresh veggie juice, it’s going to suck that up, and you’ll pass it.  If what that’s near is a dirty colon, it’ll do what it’s intended to do.  So, keep it clean!

The second most prevalent part of the cleanse are the herbal supplements.  The kit comes with two types:  Chomper and Herbal Nutrition.  Chomper, aptly named, is the one that helps regulate your bowel.  The instructions come with a tip on how to fine-tune how many you take so as not to have lose stools, etc.  The Herbal Nutrition is there to help feed the body all those beautiful phytonutrients it needs while cleansing. These blends of herbs have many important tasks, take a close look at the company’s website for those.  I take 4-6  of each kind, each time I’m taking herbs.  In other words, up to 12 capsules every 3 hours.  If you’re someone who has a hard time swallowing pills…rethink this cleanse. If you’re ok with it, or up for the challenge, do it!  

A final supplement is the probiotic.  This one’s a no brainer, though.  I just take two, last thing at night.  They replenish your gut with all the lovely “tiny ugly germs,” as my kids put it.

Other than the supplements, there’s a lot of juicing involved.  Each day I make about two quarts.  I try to stick to mostly greens, but there are loads of posts about my juicing habits here.

Finally, is the food.  During week three, the only food I ate was salads at lunch.  For tips on making them quick, see my previous blog post on dehydrating vegetables.  I did it all last week, and I’m still a huge fan!

Now, I’m entering the final phase.  The difference being that I cut out lunch (in addition to cutting out breakfast and dinner the previous week!)  Now, I’m surviving off of my stores, supplements, and the juices I still take every day.  I’m excited, and committed to ending well!  I’m also excited that it’ll be over (honesty in blogging, right?).

All in all, it’s been good.  The first two weeks were a breeze!  The third week was more difficult.  The hard part was the the newness had all worn off.  It was also hard to cook dinner for the family, and take care of all “that” while not eating anything.  For some crazy reason, we also had two multiple evening events with friends.  I was lucky to have friends who supported me in it.  For the first night, we went by Hernandez Farm on the way and picked up a delicious green smoothie.  I’ve been to Hernandez Farm way too many times this week, but I really like supporting these locals!  I was excited to hear they’ve bought the shop next to them, and are adding a dining area and play place.  It’ll be so great to have a child-friendly place to get awesome local produce, organic hamburgers, salads, smoothies, and juices AND it’s just around the corner!  The second night, we met friends at the Wild Oak Cafe, which is a super-awesome, all natural place to eat.  They have a juice bar, too!

I thought something curious with my wife yesterday.  I weighed myself, and realized that I’ve lost almost 10 pounds.  Now, this cleanse is not for loosing weight, but it’s clearly a by-product.  The curiosity came from this, though.  I have a shirt that fits a little better, but I absolutely don’t feel like clothes fit 10 pounds looser.  I was thinking about this in the shower, and thought:  hmm….could I have lost 10 pounds of cellular junk and intestinal “stuff”?  It’s gross to think of, but I can’t seem to find another solution.  I’m not dehydrated…heavens no, not after the amount of water I’m drinking.  I also don’t have any of the other signs.  So…must be working. 

Ok.  On to next week!  One final HURRAH!!  scroll down for the brown report (users beware)









Brown Report (you know you’re curious):

Stools have been pretty similar to the first week.  They’re soft, but very formed.  I was amazed how long it took quinoa to finish the digestive tract.  We’re talking seeds for DAYS.  Those things must get all caught up in the pockets…ewww…  On another note, I actually started the final phase yesterday, so it’s been about 36 hours since I ate a meal.  I eliminated about 10 minutes ago, and it was gray…so, that’s new.


2 thoughts on “28 Day Cleanse report in the middle (Arise and Shine weeks 2-3)

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    • Well…THIS was unprofessional of me! @colon cleansing, I apologize that you wrote this over six months ago and I’m only now reading it. WOW! Truth be told, I’ve been focussing on my teaching career (mrcarrontheweb.wordpress.com) more than my health…of which I have 20 extra pounds to show! If there is any way I can be helpful, just let me know.

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