Well… How about some Mason Jars?

So, it’s that time of year again when everyone is trolling the blogs, looking for the magic sage advice.  I’m no Sage…maybe a little magic, but let’s see what I have to add to the discussion.

Life is what it is meant to be.  Want health?  Be healthy.  It’s going to take a long time, and it’s going to come and go with the tides of life.  I bet that’s not what you’ve spent your previous evening reading on health blogs, but it’s a truth I’ve come to understand.  Health comes and goes.  We have periods where we feel fantastic, and we have periods where we feel fat, and can’t stand to try on new workout clothes.

In the wake of all this new-ness, I did come up with something that seems to be helping me; maybe it’ll help you.  I spoke with my nutritionist a few months ago, and her advice was to eat three meals a day. Each meal was to consist only of nutrient-dense food.  Each meal is also to consist of 1/2 cut of vegetable, and a 1/2 cup of lean protein.  That’s it.  I then add a sensible snack somewhere around 3pm if I need it.

But, here’s what I’ve found that’s been helpful.  I went out and bought 4 oz canning jars.  A few times a week I make a batch of vegetables, and a batch of proteins.  For example, I used the pressure cooker to steam some delicious butternut squash.  I scoop up 1/2 C of this into a 4 oz jar, and pair it with two hard-boiled eggs.  That’s breakfast.  I’ve also boiled up a bunch of chicken, and filled the jars with that…heck, I even have some Moroccan spiced venison in the fridge right now.  I’ve also been making some awesome vegetable curries ala Indian food.

The beauty is that each morning I grab two vegetable jars, and two protein jars.  That’s breakfast and lunch.  If I have a strenuous workout planned, I’ll grab another set for after work.  Then, I eat a similar setup for dinner, and call it a day.

Packing them up ahead of time has been a God Send.

How do you prepare your lunches?  I’d love to hear.


2 thoughts on “Well… How about some Mason Jars?

  1. Hey there,
    Just found your blog as Im doing a juice fast and was looking up the chalky fuzzy weird feeling in your mouth, which brought me to your blog and then reading a bunch of entries. I have done juice fast before, just juice and some broth after day 3. I didnt go more then a week. It is amazing how good you feel, and its amazing how much we eat and think of food, so when your juicing your so much more aware of all the moments you want to eat something just out of habit. Also my skin cleared up really good! (I also do humaworm) a parasite cleanse, and I do Candida Cleanses. It was the movie Fat Sick and Nearly Dead which got me going on the juicing. I have the same Jack La Lane juicer you pictured(Do you still use it?) I have found the best way to juice greens is this, Do everything else first (I use carrots at the end) My typical juice is 1 Granny Apple, half a lemon, a chunk of ginger, 1 stalk celery, a half of a small cucumber, 3 Large Carrots and Kale. Kale is my personal preference to use. Turn the juicer off, put in half a piece of kale, then a long carrot on top, Then mash, and repeat. For some reason having the carrot with it helps to juice it better. If I just put the greens in alone while its spinning they seem to just get whipped into the tray. Hope this made sense! Same with the ginger, I never throw it in the bottom, I put it on top of the apple, lemon and then drop it in with the cucumber on top, it seems to juice it better that way also. So how have you been doing and the weight loss since your juices and everything? Has it stayed steady or gone back up? I took my weight down about 10 pds that first year I started to make changes, Ive been getting back into the swing again and would love to see another 10 pds gone! And working out more. 🙂

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