Who The Heck is Writing This?

Who’s driving this blog?  Me!  I’m Jake, nice to meet you.

I’m a Forty-Something with a passion for a ton of stuff.  I’m an anthropologist, musician, thespian, activist, and teacher.  I’m currently employed as an elementary school teacher in a Public Waldorf Methods school.  It’s a funny, quirky way of teaching which meshes well with my soul.  But all THAT stuff is found on my other blog:  Mr. Carr on the Web.

I have a brilliant family composed of my lovely wife, Wifey.  My eldest son is becoming a high schooler.  There’s a firey red-head daughter in the middle, and then Wee-One, who’s old enough to get in a ton of trouble if left to his own, but young enough to cuddle endlessly.  Together we love to garden, ride bikes, cook, do art, sing & dance, and NOT clean the house…unless there’s sufficient dance music.

Here is a picture of The Old Me…way old.

I’m one of those kids who was heavy his whole childhood.  All the promises of baby fat melting away just didn’t.  I became a late-twenties father who was over 360 pounds.  I made a drastic change to my future when I decided to entrust it to a surgeon, who performed a Gastric Bypass.  It was the best choice I’ve made for my health in my whole life.  I lost weight and gained health.  I became an avid runner, and health-foodie.  I got down to 180 pounds and felt amazing.

Then, I had a heart attack.  Well, it wasn’t a heart attack, but the doctors kept trying to tell me it was for a year.  But, for that year I didn’t run; doctors told me I might die if I did.  My eating habits declined slowly and exercise roller-coastered it’s way into my forties


.  Finally, I was up to 232 lbs.  It was to make a very big change.

So here’s the plan:  Do whatever it takes, and practice forgiveness in the process.

As I write this, I’m well on my way, and can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “Who The Heck is Writing This?

  1. My dad got told he shouldn’t even go for walks because he might die too! They were doing research on his heart because it was that bad. But he ignored them and started exercising and got much much better. Makes me sad that people get such misguided advice from “professionals”.

    Awesome blog btw 🙂 keep at it!

    • I’m glad to hear your dad is doing well. It’s hard to fault them sometimes though, these professionals. During all the time they were trying to figure out what was wrong with me, or what they thought was wrong with me, they were really just trying to do what was best. They were wrong, but they thought they were doing right.

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